The 2008/2009 season introduces revolutionary advances in binding technology. The new AUTO EVER is the lightest and most progressive performance binding ever made. This brand new K2 model, with its AUTO technology and “Airlock" highback is the ultimate in binding technology that signals the end of toe ratchets and pre-adjustment.

With the AUTO EVER a new era in bindings dawns. Innovative AUTO technology allows the toe strap to close and open automatically with the ankle strap – one ratchet, two straps! When the ankle strap is activated the toe strap opens at the same time. The toe-strap tension is preadjusted: each time after that, when the binding is closed, the strap keeps this tension.

In addition there’s the new “Airlock" – Highback: because it’s directly connected with the heelcup it eliminates unnecessary components. So K2 engineering achieves optimal response with the lightest weight, as well as seamless energy transfer and smooth flex. The new chassis design maximizes power, comfort and durability – whether you’re riding a tree line or out on the piste.

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