The K2 Pop This! highest ollie tournament is currently touring most European mountain regions (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, Czech, France, Spain, Finland, UK, and Sweden that is). More than 50 tour stops offer you the perfect opportunity to show how good you are at popping an ollie. So far more than 150 riders took part in throwing themselves over the ever-increasing bar, and German Sebi Müller is currently the record holder with an astonishing 100 centimeters (that's almost 40 inch, yanks!).

K2_PopThis_alex walch_missing 100

Here's some background information if you haven't attended one of the fun-filled, free-goodies-heavy tour stops yet:

The K2 Pop This! Tour is a snowboard contest without snow. It takes place in the city, in the parking lot, in front of snowboard shops, in night clubs, at events, no matter how warm or cold it is. The K2 Pop This! vans literally pop up all over Europe this winter. They bring a setup consisting of a drop-in ramp, mats, a measuring device, several snowboard setups and lots of prizes. Everyone can enter and compete for the highest ollie of the day. Tour stop winners can take part in the 'Grand Final' in Flachauwinkl/Austria in early April 2011. The overall champion will win a one-week trip to the fabulous High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Mt Hood!

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