Amplid is proud to announce that 22 year old Justin Normanfrom Bend, Oregon is joining the Amplid Research Cartel.

“Justin is combining both style and safety on rails and kickers" says BrandonPastucka, Amplid team manager for Northamerica, “Together with John Rodosky, Matti Kinunnen, Jan Michaelis, Stefan Falkeis and Benny Deeghe he is the perfect addition to our team representing all perspectives of what we call the ‘next level riding’ in snowboarding!"

Here's an interview with him:

What's your name? Justin Daniel Norman. Born when and where? Born in Eugene, OR on Nov. 29th 1986 - I'm born on my grandpa's birthday! What in your eyes made you what you are today? Support from my friends like Jonah Owen, Jesse Lederer and Colin McCollough. Also skateboarding and snowboarding with them was a big part of my push to get better. My Mom and Dad giving me the opportunity to progress at what I love by supporting me throughout the years with positive encouragement. My girlfriend Lauren Manley has been a major supporter for the last year, so I thank you all for the help! Your are riding since...? I started riding on a competitive level when I was 15 years old at WillamettePass, but really started to ride for myself when I moved to Bend at the age of 17. How did you get into this? The style of snowboarding was my biggest drive to get better and the video True Life gave direction. Also my good friends Joe and Trevor in North Eugene, who I skated with, got me to start going every weekend and find a passion for the sport. What is the meaning of style? To me, "STYLE" is the definition of character, technique of creativeness and self expression from your soul. How would you describe your personal riding style? I grew up in Eugene, OR where style first became important in my life when it came to skateboarding and being smooth. My style came from growing up with my friend Jonah Dylan Owen, watching F.O.D.T video's just tripping on how the style progressed in those flicks. Big ups to Jonah Owen doing good out in Utah and killing it now in the new Finger On The Trigger vid Familia, opening segment! What's your favorite board model and what stance are you riding? Currently I am riding the Aggronym 151 with the Arcade bindings. Twin tip is the easiest for me to ride because I like to feel just as comfortable riding switch as regular. My stance is set at 18 degree's positive and 15 degree's negative. What's your best trick you are currently pulling and what are you working on? Currently I have been stuck on switch tricks in general and lately I have been working on getting jumping more dialed since rails are my first choice. Your favorite riding spot? SLC, Utah is the mecca of snowboarding and in my eyes the most diverse place for urban and backcountry riding. What do you consider your most precious achievements in your life as a rider? My biggest achievement as a rider started by snowboarding at a little mountain called Willamette Pass and my dad motivating me enough to move to Bend, OR to live twenty minutes from Mt. Bachelor. My dad helped me to progress as much as I could and keep a positive outlook while doing so. Thank you Dad! What do you do when you don't ride? When I don't ride my snowboard I ride my skateboard around downtown Bend or go to class at Central Oregon Community College. I'm in the Culinary program at the moment enjoying every minute! What if you got five hours to use Bill Gate's credit card. What would you do? If I had the opportunity to have that experience I would splurge my brains out and get a sick new whip. What is there what money can't buy for you? Money can't buy priceless moments like going out with friends and family sharing laughs through stories. If you had to spend the rest of your live on an island -what would you bring? 10 items max. ... My girlfriend, checker JiBerish hoodie, swim shorts, scuba gear, sling spear, flint stick, sharp knife, first aid kit, a sand board and a deck of cards. Gimme 3 losers and 3 winners of this planet! Losers: pollution, war, and death. Winners: Amplid snowboards, Jiberish clothing, and PeAcE of mind. Your top 5 loves? Snowboarding, good weather at the mountain, having a perfect day, Lauren Kaimana Manley, and family & friends! And your top 5 hates... I dislike "HATE", extremely unpleasant days at the mountain, useless people you would rather slap then talk to, getting hurt and being without loved ones. Your top 5 bands? My favorite five groups got to be Living Legends, Swollen Members, Andre and Equipto, Hieroglyphics and Atmosphere. What are you most afraid of? Sharks, really old people, the dark, the unknown, knowing death is coming one day, bad Sushi, getting old, being broke, not being able to snowboard, getting hurt and loosing loved ones... Any personal manifesto you are living by? Laugh, love life and have fun with it! What's your favourite pick up line? WhaT iT ScooBie DooBie?! Which is your favourite website and why? My favorite website is because shit gets too out of control when searching for outrageous comedy. What would you perform in case you had to participate in a casting show? I would have to be the snow bum who can't help but try to make others laugh and have fun. Your daily contribution to make a better world? My contribution to the world is having an all around positive outlook and trying to help out those in need of support. Basically, positivity is the best policy! How do you see yourself in 20 years from now? In a year I see myself being successful with loving family and friends, still willing and able to shred a foot of powder whenever it falls. Anything else you would like to add? Thank you Brandon for all the help and supporting our riding, also a big shout to Pete, Gabe and Dave at JiBeRisH Clothing for being the coolest guys and keeping it gangsta, Jeremy at Skjersaa's is a super awesome guy as well as all the friends working at the shop keeping it real! Thanks!