Flux Bindings is very proud to announce JP Solberg as the newest addition to the International Team.

It is an undeniable fact that JP ‘s effortless style and grace on the hill is what catapulted him into snowboard stardom. His powerful but catlike jumping ability makes him one of the smoothest riders on the planet, no joke. Since coming on the scene in 2001 and being voted Transworld Rookie of the Year, JP Solberg has made himself into a household name. He commits himself year after year into putting together epic video parts alongside Romain DeMarchi and the Absinthe crew.

Since leaving his previous sponsor, JP has made a conscious decision to “associate myself with companies that only produce the highest quality products and will support me 100% in all my efforts". That’s why he chose to team up with Flux. At the same time, he wants to “enjoy my freedom, snowboard more than ever and see where that takes me. I’ve been living in this bubble for a long time, I’m excited to go the distance and see my true potential with Flux". The addition of JP Solberg to the Flux family will have a recognized and positive influence for Flux Bindings internationally.