The latest incarnation of the Jib Battle will go down 7-9 December in Oslo, Norway.

Lets Battle!

The first Jib battle was arranged at Varingskollen, Oslo in 2003. We have arranged 6 jibbatles since then in Norway and Sweden with riders representing Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, England, Austria and Iceland. Profiled riders like Andreas Wiig, Mikkel Bang, Hans Åhlund, Risto Ruokola, Marius Otterstad, Christian Halland, Julian Karlsen, Torstein Horgmo, Nicky Wieveg, Henning Martinsen, Fredrik Evensen, Andreas Moen, Erik Johan Bothner among others have fought for their country and the title of the jibbatle. Norway has won it 6 times. The jibbattle has had a rich amount of media coverage over the years in Playboard, Onboard, Methodmag, Friflyt, Ultrasport, NRK (tv), TV2 (tv), TVNorge (tv), The Voice (tv), Mooks Live to mention a few.


It is important to to arrange the Jib Battle, with the test demo, at a central location that is spectator friendly and easy access. The event is therefore arranged in Oslo this year. Oslo is an ideal location for the Jib Battle given its location. It is close to Gardermoen airport and has nightclubs, hotels and makes it easy for media and sponsors to attend the event. are excited to present Jernbanetorget as the host for the event given that Jernbanetorget is in the heart of Oslo with a lot of potential to make this year Jib Battle one of the greatest. This was also the location for last years Jib Battle witch turned out to be a great success. A lot of creativity and “outside the box thinking" will be put into this year’s event, so for those of you that have witnessed the previous Jib Battles will not be disappointed. The idea is to create an intimate and spectacular arena for both riders and spectators. This also enables great photo and video coverage. The event will be covered by medias like TVNorge, Ultra Sport, Friflyt, NRK, TV2, Methodmag and Tacky! The arena for this years Battle:

Jibbattle qualifying round!

The Jibbattle is getting more and more popular every year, and that is why we are going to have a qualifying round this winter where riders with big potential can come and try to qualify for next years Jibbattle. This event will take place at A Park in Drammen ski resort. The 5 top qualifiers will sum up a team that will challenge the pro riders at next years event. This is a golden opportunity for young armatures to show what they are made of. This event will take place in the beginning of February.

This year, we also want to include the ski jibbers in the Jibbattle and as a soft start, we will invite a team of the best riders from Norway and Sweden. Ski jibbers from all over the world will also have the opportunity to qualify for next years event through the Jibbattle qualifying round in Drammen.

Permanent "Jibbattle Rail setup" in Varingskollen

The "Jibbattle rail-setup" is a rail construction that will be placed at Varingskollen throughout the season. Varingskollen is well known for their great snow parks, and this rail setup will be exclusive for Varingskollen and no where else to be found in Norway. The General sponsor and the Partners will have their logos on this setup throughout the season.

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