Higher TV, the TV series based on the Jeremy Jones Deeper/Further/Higher trilogy, has been nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Camera Work.


Jones' movies, chronicling his foot-powered exploits in increasingly far-flung and serious mountains, have always showcased the pinnacle of Big Mountain riding, but one thing overlooked by many is the fact that for every blizzard Jeremy camps through, for every brutal line he and his fellow riders conquer, there's a camera guy effectively doing the same thing. Now they're getting some well-deserved props.

The challenges the crew faced included massive avalanches, nine-hour tent-shredding superstorms, and roped climbs above 20,000 feet. The crew even mounted the camera on special high-altitude helicopters and flew it to 25,000 feet in the Himalaya—into the so-called “death zone," where thin air wreaks havoc on helicopter rotor systems and insufficient oxygen causes the human body to slowly expire.

Jones sending it while the camera guy clings to the face.

According to TGR’s CEO and head cameraman Todd Jones, Higher TV was "the hardest project we have ever undertaken." The camera, GSS C250, is the world’s most advanced gyro-stabilized camera. After TGR demonstrated what the camera was capable of, the GSS has been used to film the new Bourne movie, SuperBowl 50, and Deadliest Catch, among other high-profile projects.

Stoked to see the crew getting recognised by the big boys!