Salomon Snowboards is proud to announce the addition of 17 year old Jed Anderson to the 2009 Am Team. Coming off of a head-turning 4 days of shooting half part in TWS film “These Days", Jed has already begun shooting for his first full video part in this season’s coming release from Transworld Snowboarding.

TWS film director Joe Carlino says, “Seriously, Jed is one of the top 3 best snowboarders I’ve ever shot. We just got back from our first trip filming for the new video. It’s November 28th and Jed walked away with about 15 shots." Not bad for a 17 yr old kid that’s never shot a major video part. Evan LeFebvre of Snowboarder Magazine says, “Jed’s that lucky little kid that you knew growing up who could do everything better than you all the time—but not in an asshole ‘O’doyle rules’ sort of way."

When asked how he ended up on Salomon, Jed said, “I went on a trip to Quebec with Jarad Hadi, Louie Paradise, and Nick Dirks to Quebec City….I think that may have had something to do with it since Jarad and Louie ride for Salomon. Anyways, maybe they put in a good word or something? I dunno. It’s really crazy. I feel fortunate to have these opportunities at such a young age. I have wanted it for a long time and now it’s all happening, it’s kind of surreal. I’m excited though. It’s cool when people have your back and allow you to do what you want to do." “We couldn’t be happier about having Jed on our program. It’s crazy how good he is at riding a snowboard. He’s creative, funny, and a lot smarter than the average 17 year old kid. Jed’s a huge part of the future of this brand. Not to mention, he’s cool as hell." says Java Fernandez, team manager at Salomon Snowboards.

When asked for a quote on Anderson, Ashbury eyewear co-founder Lance Hakker said, “Would it be bad if I said he was the best snowboarder in the world even if he doesn’t ride for us?" Keep an eye out for Jed Anderson this winter in TWS’s new film release, everywhere online including Salomon's own website , and also peep his crew’s blog For the real deal on Jed watch his part here.