Today's slopestyle finals at the 2012 Winter X Games Europe in Tignes kicked off just after the men's slopestyle competition had been decided. Once again, Jamie Anderson, the 21-year-old Tahoe-native showed that not only is she the most consistent but also the world's best female snowboarder in slopestyle. Her first of three runs had already been enough to hold the entire field in place, but she one-upped this with her second run, consisting of a laid-back cab 270 to boardslide and a tail blunt in the rail section, followed by a cab 7, a back 5, and a massive front 7 over the kickers, with a nice tail blunt 270 off the enormous straight box at the end. This brought her the winning score of 98.00.

1st - Jamie Anderson

Second placed Spencer O'Brien went just as technical, but was slightly less committed on the rails, and clearly did not have the energy and pop that Jamie's riding oozed. Her best run was the first, where she showed an excellent combination of backside 5, switch back 5, and front 7. A later attempt at a front 9 failed, but still her riding was as impressived as her entire season has been.

2nd - Spencer O'Brien

Enni Rukajärvi took the bronze medal, this time wearing goggles and laying down a back 5, a cab 5, and a slightly sloppy front 7.

A couple of other riders took a shot at making the podium, among them British rider Jenny Jones with a failed front 9 attempt, and Kjersti Buaas with her praised stylish riding. Nobody, however, seems to be able to beat Jamie Anderson these days.

3rd - Enni Rukajärvi

Full Results

Rank Name Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best

1 Jamie Anderson 96.00 98.00 19.33 98.00

2 Spencer O'Brien 92.66 89.00 38.33 92.66

3 Enni Rukajärvi 88.00 60.66 38.33 88.00

4 Kjersti O. Buaas 34.00 38.00 86.00 86.00

5 Silje Norendal 45.00 84.00 12.00 84.00

6 Sina Candrian 82.00 29.00 29.66 82.00

7 Jenny Jones 77.66 79.00 29.00 79.00

8 Cheryl Maas 75.00 19.33 21.66 75.00

9 Aimee Fuller 43.00 19.66 45.00 45.00

10 Charlotte van Gils 20.00 29.00 43.00 43.00