Produced by Max Jenke of Endeavor Snowboards and Derek Heidt of Oakley, It's Your Life intimately documents the aspirations of five professional snowboarders and their friends. The rawness of personal journals and footage filmed exclusively on Nokia camera phones combined with vivid narration, an amazing soundtrack, and first class snowboarding combine to make a unique viewing experience. Self-filmed confessions using a Nokia N90 camera phone give the episode a truly unique and personal feeling. Episodes launch every two weeks, with the third episode premiering November 15th.

After Trevor Andrew two weeks ago - a keeper - It's Your Life Second Episode is live, with a five minute peek into the very hectic lives of five professional snowboarders. The second episode stars Endeavor up-comer rider Johnny Lyall.

A cross Canada tour begins the episode, filled with footage and antics reminiscent of the Wildcats' days. A live appearance on Muchmusic's most watched show MOD sets the tone for this personal journey through Johnny's season. Returning to Vancouver, Johnny participates in a two day private photo session at Grouse Mountain. The episode ends with a unique snowboard trip to the Pemberton Ice Caps, where Johnny and his friends jump over bottomless cravaces.

Presented by Endeavor Snowboards, Oakley, Nokia,, Whistler/Blackcomb, and Heavywater Studios.

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