Here we are and we are happy. Happy to announce the long waited launch of a freshly new shaved Mustachio website.

Musta...what? Oh yeah.. you know, that website talking snowboard and crap all year long. With all the fresh shit coming out we had to do something.

Tis is our something and it's good! Our website is as good as it gets, but our humor is as bad as it was before. One of the improvements, an archive so it's (should be) easier to find items back from back in the day when snowboards were made from stone. But that's the least mentionable improvement and that's saying something about the rest. With the new site there are almost infinite possibilities to promote goods and brands, so be sure to check in on those. Soon we're on hyperspeed.. giveaways, dope interviews, sick reports, stupid interviews and all we had before, but looking fresh!

We want you to party with us and that's why we developed a party hat extraordinaire!

Click the link and be as happy as us, with us.