As of now you can be the proud owner of the super exclusive Nitro T1 IsenSeven pro model snowboard!

YES! You heard us. An Isenseven snowboard. Snowboard Franz waited his whole career for this unique moment. There's basically nothing between him and world domination. Or maybe.

Your new shredstick comes in the sizes 153 and 156 and has all the features of the regular Nitro T1 boards . The board was designed by us, for you and features flashy colors, Snowboardfranz, clouds, paintsplats, snappy slogans and all kinds of other cool wingdings. Did we mention the boards exclusive awesomeness? And did we mention that these boards are super limited? But as the boards won't be done before February you still got some time to figure out how to gather enough cash for one of these babies.

As we speak, the boards are being produced and we will post some pictures of it as soon as we get them so you can see the board in it´s full beauty. For now you can check this high res picture of the board design here. You can also come to the ISPO in Munich from February 1st till 4th and check out the board at the Nitro and the Pleasure booth.

Pre-order your board soon to make sure you get one of these limited pieces. Having Snowboardfranz on board will change the way you ride forever! Check out where to get one on