The European launch of the new Ir77 book and film, presented by Pulp Publishing and Nitro Snowboards, will take place at the Grand Gallery on 21st September.

This hotly anticipated launch heralds the culmination of Lukas Huffman's project to tell a story about the raw passion in snowboarding. Pro rider Huffman has put together a story that reflects the two sides of snowboarding: both the powder landings, high fives and laughter, and also the frigid mornings, broken bones and frustration. Huffman explores and celebrates the entire snowboarding experience, from the rush and the feeling of accomplishment to the challenging and heartbreaking moments.

Both the ir77 book and movie are a result of a global network of photographers, cinematographers, artists and riders who have all been asked to submit work, comments and ideas about five specific themes in snowboarding. The five themes are: Anticipation, Dedication, Stories, Pain and Exhilaration. The process aims to create a group project that represents many perspectives from snowboarders all over the world.

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