There is a bunch of snowboarding games for the iPhone and iPad, but so far MyTP Snowboarding 2 is the most sim-like, legit and altogether best offering around.

Ok, Ok. This is geeky as hell and arguably you should be out there doing anything else, but if you're stuck on a bus, a plane, or even in a gondola for a long while you might have exhausted your patience with Flight Centre and want to play at being Seb Toutant then a snowboarding game for your iThang could be just up your street. And we've found what's the best iPhone snowboarding game around right now.

There's a bunch floating about the app store: from the weird and flippy side-on race things what are kind of fun, to SSX-esque hyper-disco balling arcade-style ones, cartoony efforts or stuff the Shaun White endorses which are all kinda sucky.

But as real snowboarders, we want a bit of simulatory realism from our snowboarding games, and MyTP Snowboarding 2 is the best iPhone / iPad snowboarding game so far. Sure it is no Amped, or Stoked for that matter, but despite an initially confusing control system you'll be up and double corking on various real mountain courses, halfpipes and big air events. There's photoshoots, contests, freeriding, instant replay modes and, best of all, you can get your inner Mark McMorris on at the flick of a finger.