Vivo headwear announces the release of their new website and the signing of Markku Koski. Working along side North America's top heavy hitters Tadashi Fuse, Andrew Geeves, Corey Sheppard, Vivo is proud to announce Markku Koski to the team.

(CEO Anthony Leffelaar says.) "I am super excited to work with Markku and develop eco-friendly products under our future project (The Koski collection). Markku is an amazing well rounded rider holding it down from Olympic podium finishes to the backcountry."

Vivo works with fabrics such as Merino wool, Cashmere, Organic Bamboo and Angora just to name a few.

They just released THE BRICK model which offers a unique colorway that is never duplicated, meaning you Brick is exclusive to you!

Vivo headwear is a company focused on bringing you high end exclusive products working with premium fabrics and attention to detail. Vivo headwear is available in selected retailers and online now. The wait is over....