As the international community of snowboard instructors and coaches scrambles to find work outside of the U.S. for the 2008/9 winter season, Whistler B.C.'s Pro Ride has chosen to step up training programme offerings to entice snowboard pros to stay in the industry and work in Canada.

After running successful coaching and instructional programmess for the past 10 years, Pro Ride has announced its plan to increase instructional training programs for snowboard coaches and instructors who would otherwise have worked at U.S. resorts prior to the H2B visa shortage, which was announced in January of 2008.

“The current difficulties the US ski industry is experiencing with the lack of H2B visas for temporary workers reinforces the opportunities for international workers to come and train and work in Canada," said Anthony Crute, the founder and head coach of Pro Ride. “While the H2B visa situation will hopefully be rectified within the next year, instructors and coaches can get a start in Canada and prepare themselves for US employment."

Crute's emphasis on bringing on professional athletes and internationally certified coaches to train Pro Ride participants has produced instructors who now are employed at winter resorts around the world.

Pro Ride and its impressive roster of coaches begin offering programmes as early as December of 2008.

Whistler Ski Resort is opening tomorrow!!

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