Mix two X-Games winners with a bunch of crazy and hungry young riders, sun, a perfect kicker and an enthusiastic crowd. And what do you get? The Andreas Wiig Invitational.

Over 3000 spectators brought their biggest smiles to Taubanekroa in Geilo today, to watch some world class snowboarding. And they were not disappointed. Fs 10s, switch bs 1260s, double corks, and a Finnish one-foot 360 were thrown at them with love.

"I'm just here to have fun," said Gjermund Braaten from Norway and threw us a bs 12 in the finals. "I'm not in the finals," said FinnNiki Korpela, disappointed before he realised that he actually was in the finals and had to run out to find his bib that he had given to an eager fan. "This is the best kicker I have seen," said Aleksander Oestereng and gave us a bs 10 double cork. "I really want to beat Andreas, haha," said Torstein Horgmo and did a sweet switch bs 12, the same trick that gave him X-Games gold in 2008 and should have given him gold in 2009 but for the dodgy text-voting system.

But in the end it was Haldor Helgason from Iceland who beat Torstein Horgmo with two points. Helgason did a fs 10 double cork and bs cork 1080 and by stomping these it meant he could take home 100.000 NOK.

Andreas Wiig was all smiles although he didn't make it to the podium. "It's been a great day. The sun was shining, the level of the riding was of the hook. I'm already looking forward to Andreas Wiig Invitational 2010.

So are we. And now... let's party!