Yes, that’s right!

Forum Snowboards is proud to announce the launch of the new high definition movie FOREVER and to celebrate we want to hold a House Party Premiere on Saturday October 3rd at your place!

Snowboarding is more fun when you’re with your friends, and the same goes for watching snowboard movies.

So find a house, backyard, garage, maybe even your school/university, get all your buddies together and be down for a great night. The more creative the location, the better. You will receive Forum’s new movie FOREVER, T-Shirts, Posters, Stickers and maybe even some ChillyDogs – everything you need for your private world-premiere.

Document the whole party in pictures or make a short film to etch it in the sands of time.

The party with the most people, the most outrageous set up and of course with the most fun will win a limited FORUM SNOWBOARD, with 2nd and 3rd place winning a SHAKA BINDING. Good vibes included.

Can this get any better?

To hold a European house party, mail at or

Tell them:

Where do you live?

Where are you going to have the premiere (house, garden, garage, basement etc.)?

How many people will be coming?

Why should we have a premiere at your place?


After they get your applications, they will choose the best 50 and the parties are ready to start.

Applications must be in by September 25th.

More information: