At the beginning of the coming snowboard season, the pro online shop is giving out a gift. And not just any gift! It is the team movie „Well Dude“ from the shredders. The performing riders will be Lars Oesterle, Rudi Kröll, Peter König, Werni Stock, Benni Wetscher, Stefan Kisslinger, Reini Rieser, Beckna, Seppe Smits, Mone Monsberger and Friedl Kolar. But you will find a lot more on the DVD than just the shred-skills of the team riders. A very useful feature for all snowboarders is the „Homie shopping“. Link men explain the advantages of the different snowboard products with some help of the shops pro riders. A very amusing way to explain technical features! You can also find this service on the website. Besides several snowboard movie trailers and a hang gliding special with some Hotzone riders as bonus material, they put the video of the winner of the Oakley Jib-Vid Competition on this DVD! For a free copy of the „Well Dude“ DVD check the website of the shop– if you order something it will be enclosed in the delivery. „Well Dude“ will furthermore be a giveaway in the mags Pleasure and Method soon!

Check their website for further information!