The Sherlock Holmes among you probably noticed something in the headline already: The hyphen is gone! is now But the service orientated Online Snowboard Pro Shop offers some more new features: Besides optimizing their name, they had a „liposuction“ of the website backend and last but not least pixel surgeon Tarek Shaer applied the scalpel and gave the site a face lift even Brigitte Nielsen would go green with envy. A restructuring that shopping-friends should definitely check out.

The new cool design of the website strikes at once but the Hotzoners did lateral thinking: Thanks to new programming and changing the server, is probably the fastest Online Shop in Europe and it is a lot of fun to surf through the clearly arranged and selected product range. Additionally, the „Color Selecta“ helps to find the right combination of pant, shirt, jacket, boot, binding and board.

But you will not recognize the real world novelty at first sight: If you click the button „TV“ the very first Home Shopping Channel just for snowboarders will pop up! Link man „Henry“ is easy to understand and leads through the program with a lot of charm and humour. The „Technical Experts“ Miss Dr. Marylin Poon, El Greco and Mr. Kiwi Tec will explain you the products. Nice teasers and a presentation you should not take too seriously make the HOMIE SHOPPING an entertaining shopping tour with a lot of helpful information about the products. Of course the team riders Mone, Werni Stock, Lars Österle, Peter König and Co will give you some shopping advice too…

Check it out HERE