We were kindly asked to put this on our site, and looking at the pictures and the fun the kids had - why wouldn't we?


Normally there would have been a slopestyle with two kickers and one rail or rather a box at Vans Penken Park but due to massive snow fall over Tyrol's area we had to change plans. We just could have a railjam on the first rail of the advanced linefor all motivated shredders.

After an one-hour session, Jesse Augustinus from the Netherlands won the trophy and was to first to chose out of a big goodie box what to take home. Alois Lindmoser from St. Martin got second while British Rowan Coultas resident in Mayrhofen took the third place. Katie Omerod won the girls challenge.


Eight-year-old Jordy Keesmeeker from Belgium was the youngest rider of all and enthused the whole audience with his frontside backslides.

At night the famous Discodogs from Cologne had a great party with the crowd from Vans Park at Scotland Yard Pub.

The wildcard for the rookies final in Ischgl hasn't been given away though, but we will keep you posted where and when this ticket will be out for winning as soon as possible.


Thanks to all who came to Vans Penken Park in spite of the bad weather - the few smooth powderlines which lead straight to the valley were the reward for all riders and workers there.



1 Jesse Augustinus (NL)

2 Alois Lindmoser (AUT)

3 Rowan Coultas (GB)

Best Girl: Katie Omerod (GB)