We told you about the hotzone.tv raffle „Dude it Yourself“. Now the first winner is official: The Raverdude, created by Tobias Kraut from Schwaigen (GER) made it. Congratulations to one week of snowboarding in Gerlos! And the raffle continues!

Every participator gets a 10 Euros voucher at the Online Snowboard Proshop and the chance to win prizes of a total value of over 5,000 Euros and of course the monthly prize: One week snowboarding in Gerlos including lift tickets and hotel for two persons.

But how?! – It’s this simple: just download the Dude outline at dudeityourself.hotzone.tv and give him the new look that he deserves.

For those who have never heard about the Dude: He is the mascot of the Online Snowboard Pro Shop Hotzone.tv. Of course your effort will pay off. From November 08 to February 09 a winner of the month will be elected via online voting. He/she can enjoy a free week in Gerlos/ Zillertal (AUT) for two persons inclusively lift ticket and bed and breakfast. The final decision will be in March. The designs of the four winners of the month will compete. The absolute winner will be voted 50/50 via online voting and a jury. He wins a one week surf trip by “Mission to Surf" for two persons inclusively the flight to Portugal! And as we said at the beginning: All those who will not win the first prize will be consoled with non-cash prizes with a total value of 5,000 Euros. Additionally every participant gets a voucher worth 10 Euros.