As the Summer slowly, but surely gets ready to step aside and pass its reign over to Queen Winter, everyone with an addiction to snow is starting to feel that old tinge, the urge to pack up and head for the mountains. Just to make the wait more fun and worthwhile, we have spent our summer putting together another traditional season kickoff known as Horsefeathers City Jib.

With no more than three months until the showdown, here is the first info about this pure jibbing contest: This year's HFCJ will see many changes and you can be sure they will all make this an event to remember. The most noticeable is the pivotal change in location. No other spot, but the Pilsen city square itself with the majestic Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral as backdrop, could do justice to this year’s Horsefeathers City Jib. A gigantic take-off ramp and stellar new obstacle set up will materialize on the city square just for this one day. Spicing things up, will be a sizzling light show, an original DJ set, beatbox show, and other cool surprises. Lined up for the evening is another stupendous Afterparty in Club Alfa with the unforgettable BiggBoss Allstars taking the stage - a collaboration of PSH, Supercrooo, WWW and LA4 – followed by a massive party delivered by this crew’s DJs - DJ Mike Trafik, DJ Enemy and DJ Brainythug.

30 invited riders, 6.000 € prize money, Pilsen City, November 29th.

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