Oh yes it's time again: snowboard pro Daniel Rietmann invites to his yearly Hit the Cheese season opening in St. Moritz!

The freestyle parcours will thrill any snowboarder. Different kickers, various other obstacles and a quarterpipe with a crane right behind it promise tons of fun and leave space for creative and extraordinary runs. The crane even has a fake piece of cheese hanging from it the riders are supposed to hit with their board during airtime - or what did you think "Hit the Cheese" stands for??

Next to Nicolas Müller and Markus Keller the Swiss DC team with Andreas Arn, Maiko Nicolet and Nik Huber will make an appearance and try to rock the cheese.

Songwriter Igor Podladtchikov, DJ Fredi K. and the Hip-Hop Funk Electro Combo Wax Wreckaz provide the tunes for the legendary afterparty that could easily last until dawn! And as another little gem the Yeahh Love movie will be screened as well.

Hard facts

hitthecheese.com Location: La Baracca, Signalbahnparkplatz, 7500 St. Moritz Date: Saturday, 22. November 2008 (16:00 – 04:00h) Riders: Nicolas Müller, Markus Keller, Frederik Kalbermatten and many more Live-Acts: Igor Podladtchikov, DJ Wax Wreckaz, DJ Fredi K.,