We are proud to announce our two new Snowboard Teamriders – The brothers from Iceland: Eiki and Halldor Helgason

Eiki, the older one, is the current Transworld Rookie of the Year! He is one of the new Superstars in Snowboarding! After his mindblowing videopart in Rome’s No Correct Way he was filming for the new People flick Nice Try and Factor Films They Came From… this year. Both sick videoparts! And besides that, Eiki stayed a nice and down to earth humble dude who lives and loves snowboarding. Eiki comes from Akureyri (Iceland), he is 22 years of age and sponsored by Rome, Oakley, Skullcandy, Kaleidoscope Skateboards, Frontline Clothing, DVS and BLUE TOMATO!

Halldor is the little brother of Eiki and this year the first Icelandic rider who competes at the Billabong Air & Style Rookie Challenge. He has been riding for nine years and has evolved into one of the sickest rail riders of the moment. This season he got a videopart in Standards Black Winter and Factor Films They Came From… like his brother Eiki. Halldor is 18 years of age, of course he comes also from Akureyri (Island) and is sponsored by DC, Monster Energy, Oakley, Skullcandy, Frontline Clothing, Kaleidoscope Skateboards and BLUE TOMATO!

Also check out their blog helgasons.com!