Miikka Hast and Jonas Hagström on the blog from the Protest Snow Tour.

Protest buddies Miikka and Jonas have got pretty good jobs. The dicks. Right now they're touring Europe, starting out from the BEO in Laax (where we drank beers with them and were wondering why they were grinning like they'd just scored with Megan Fox), to basically get paid to hook up with friends, ride powder and blog about it. Sure, the PR mentions something about 'competing' and 'shooting', but we can read between the lines here Ok? They have a car, some snowboard gear, a couple cameras and a laptop and their mission is to get their roo roo on wherever the conditions look good, and tell us about it via the interwebs.


Check their Protest To Get There blog and you'll be able to see where they've been and where they're headed to. Go there and flick 'em the 'V's or alternatively say hi and follow them round the hill. Damn, we're bitter this morning. The last mag's taking a while and we just want to be in the boys' shoes. C'mon, be Zen 'n' that. The tour sounds dope, the blog gives a nice insight into the riders' seasons and we're gonna try hook up for some high fives along the way, and if you can it'd be worth stalking them and get the shralp on with the boys.