One of the literally tens of reasons why we love the internet.

This is the most awesome chain of events ever to happen in snowboarding this Wednesday.

As you may have noticed, Iceland erupted the other week and, in addition to scuppering millions of people's flight plans and dumping volcanic ash over parts of the island, it also caused some religious nut to go off on one about how they deserved it and why. Well, Rev. Osborne, organised religion isn't exactly showering itself in glory right now in case you hadn't noticed... but as a result of his bizarre rant we were interested to discover that Iceland does indeed have a National Penis Museum.

The second strand of this, perhaps the weirdest thread of snowboard-related news ever, was when we saw that Icelandic stomper Halldor Helgason had made a bet with his filmer that he'd make top 3 at the recent Euro X-Games. He lost, and this was his forfeit - a worryingly detailed wanger tattooed on his finger...

Finger Bang Tattoo from www.helgasons.com on Vimeo.

We asked our buddy Geiri at Nikita if Halldor's finger cock had been ordained into the hallowed halls of the Penis Museum and, oddly enough, it has not yet. To rectify this appalling oversight on his nation's part, Geiri's set up the Halldors Finger Tattoo in the Icelandic Penis Museum Facebook page to help Halldor's unique member attain the stature it so clearly deserves.

Being a shit-hot-no-messing snowboarder only gets you so far in life, so to ensure Halldor's name goes down in Icelandic history as it should we're asking you to join this group so generations from now people will still remember Halldor Helgason and his pointer penis. Ah-thank-you.