Welcome are any contributions, whether you're a studied professional or just a boredom scribble, the message is what counts as the main focus of GummiLove is to protect young love and raise awareness for safe sex.

From all submission, the best 4-6 designs will be chosen, manufactured, printed in catalogues, exhibited at trade shows and events, presented in

magazines, sold as limited editions in selected core shops and finally worn by people that cherish your creation & GummiLove...

This what they need

Subject: illustration, text, foto print, 3D graphics, cartoon / comic,...

Message: protecting the young love, safer sex, love life, etc... -> abstract, subversive or directly - as you want!

Style: their audience is young, cheeky & loving board sports cultures -> mainly cool and without a wagging finger!

About: tell them who you are, what you do, what motivated you to support GummiLove - and attach a photo of you.

Process: first drafts need to be handed in by the end of April 2011! Final artwork to be submitted end of May 2011!

Send all of this to:

Have fun creating and safe your fun with GummiLove!