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Some things never fail to startle us: The Germans want a superpipe? Is this is another cryptic dream of territorial expansion, the shred version of the German beach towels?

Luckily, it is just German pipe rider and Olympian Christophe Schmidt starting the Facebook campaign "PipeAid" for a superpipe within German borders. And only a couple of days into his campaign he has attracted more than 1,500 supporters. The sad thing is: They used to have their own pipe up on the Zugspitze resort, but it was removed a couple of years ago. Since then, German riders have had to leave their country if they want to get some pipe shred on.

Here's the man himself talking about his campaign: "In this discipline you can only compete among the world's elite if you are able to practice in a well-shaped pipe all winter. The results at the Olympic Games have been a clear proof. We need a superpipe if Germany wants to keep up in the attractive sport of freestyle snowboarding and offer promising riders the chance to compete on a world-class level. This one goes out to resorts, industry and federations alike. The PipeAid campaign is a statement that the freestyle community does its fair share."

Want to become a supporter? Then head over to the facebook page!

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