Look at it. Just LOOK at it. If this experimental funzone, dubbed The Wall (which some visionary Japanese shredders have been building and modifying each winter for the last couple years) doesn't make you want to go shredding then call the coroner - you are officially dead.

Sometimes there's things in snowwboarding that make you just sit back and go, "Wow! That is frickin' AWESOME!" The best thing about snowboarding is that you can get this feeling from so many, varied sources, and last week was notable for several – first up there was Brain Farm's teaser for its megabudget spectacular, The Art of Flight, and then we brought you the low-budget Icelandic video with the Helgasons and co. from back in the days, then THIS drops. All of which had the same effect on us - WOOOOP!

It looks just like an elaborate concrete skatepark fashioned out of snow, with lines, transfers and trannies just begging to be ripped. This crew have basically created the logical conclusion to what our homies in the Zillertal, the Ästhetiker, have been creating for several years now with their skate-inspired cradle end sections at the Wängl Tängl. But this one looks so much fun for any level of rider.

Call it a good couple days for snowboarding on the internet, call snowboarding just awesome, call it whatever. We wanna ride that bad boy right now.