More video content of the über-high standard of riding that went down at the recent Freestyle.CH.

In addition to our report, photos and individual riders clips from the event's TV crew, we've cut together our own version of events that went down the last weekend of September in Zurich. Qualifiers, Crosover session, backside 12s, double corks, 10s... it's all here. Featuring: Eero Ettala, Sebastien Toutant, Christian Haller, Iouri Podladtchikov, Elias Elhardt, Peetu Piiroinen, Markus Keller, Chas Guldemond and more... Check it out.

Music: The Riverboat Gamblers - 'Victory Lap'.

And we also put together a little gallery with the best shots of the event by Danny Burrows: