With just a few days to go before the end of the trip, the four Rip Curl riders are discovering the summits and steep slopes of Annapurna. Accompanied, as ever, by Jérôme Ruby and Stéphane Dan, Baptiste, Chris, Per and Darius are starting off cautiously as they face the natural monster that is the Himalayan range.

After having had a close shave the previous day, notably by a slide set off by the lines of Baptiste Collomb-Patton, and helicopter ascents through high winds which could have immobilised parts of the team at 4000m, the second day begins with similar difficulties. The clear blue skies cannot be trusted. The wind blows just as hard, with the heavy snowfall of last week destabilising the layers of snow. Despite their experience as pro riders, our four boys have been fully briefed by the guides in order to avoid any potential accidents. They are finally able to appreciate some descents facing a unique backdrop, that of the summits of Annapurna.

With some spectacular freeriding under the belt, the team launches into a freestyle session, jumping cornices and building a quarterpipe to pull some moves on the roof of the world. This is all part of the task they have set themselves. To experience an incredible adventure, as much from a personal perspective as from a sporting challenge viewpoint.

The construction of the kicker has once again had to be delayed due to the bad conditions the team are encountering up there. Security being of primary concern, the final decision lays in the hands of our guides.

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