Freeriding in fresh pow must be one of the best sensations I can think of, and I'm sure that my opinion is shared by many of you as well. Another like-minded fellow is Ralf, a friend of ours who organizes something called the Freeride College, where all of you like minded people get to learn something about Freeriding! The College focuses on teaching you how to minimize the ever present risk factor of freeriding, teaching you how to read the terrain, knowing your outs and most importantly knowing how to use your transceiver in the worst case scenario. The big bonus of the whole thing is that you will consist of a small group students (6 max) taught by an experienced guide, who will show you those secret spots that not so many know about. Let's hope that this winter will bless us with more snow then last! What you have to remember is that the Freeride College is mainly focused on freeriding in the german speaking parts of the alps. But, I'm sure that it also won't be a problem if you are limited to English.

The different locations and venues of the Freeride College

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER) Vivalpin Oberstaufen (GER) Vivalpin Allgäu Oberstdorf (GER) Out of Bounds

Andermatt (SUI) Bergschule Uri Davos (SUI) Wallhalla/Fullmoons Cafe Engelberg (SUI) Outventure Basis Mürren (SUI) Vivalpin Schweiz Saas Fee (SUI) Mountain Life

For more info check out the Freeride College website

Or ask Ralf himself!