Two of our Finnish buddies, Risto Ruokola & Fredu Sirviö, will launch their "lifestyle blog" on November 4. Check the chat.

Here's what Fredu and Risto had to say about their project. Sounds like it could be one to bookmark for sure... for us is about bringing back the good old times we had before the industry lead us to different directions in the sport.

A few years ago we did everything together and we were able to push each other all the time in snowboarding and in every day life. It felt weird not to be able to film and spend as much time with your best friend anymore.


We came up with an idea of putting up our own blog site so we could do more stuff together and stay in touch all the time. The idea of the site is to keep posting all the time, several times a week, where ever we are and whatever we are doing.

We'll bring loads of edits, photos and stories about our seasons for you & your mother to view. Contests around the year with sick little giveaways are going to be a part of our blogging.

We will also have a launching competition with banging prizes for the winner! So don't forget to check out our site on the launch day November 4th!

-Risto Ruokola & Fredu Sirvio