With a commitment to snowboarding that spans over twelve years, Andreas Wiig is the latest to join Foursquare’s talented pro team including Peter Line, Eddie Wall and Pat Moore. Favoring timeless design and function over trendy flash, Andreas can now be seen rocking Foursquare’s latest outerwear styles whether he’s competing in slopestyle events, riding the park or filming in the backcountry.

“Foursquare has been around since I started snowboarding and is one of the more authentic brands around," says Andreas. “Foursquare was started by Peter Line who is an icon in snowboarding, and is someone I have looked up to for years. I am proud to be working with such a well-established brand."

Director of Team Marketing Bryan Knox states, “Andreas is a technical rider who will fit right in with the team and make good use of Foursquare’s functional product. I am sure Andreas will stay warm and dry this winter in his new outerwear."

Stay tuned to for more on Andreas throughout the year.