With all the chillydog eating contests in Europe, some people might start to believe that Forum is nothing but a small player in the street vendor business. Wrong! They are the epitome of a core snowboard brand, their team rocks, their products kill, and they even manage to keep their press releases tight. How we know? Well, they just sent us this one (everyone else out there: Your two-page, overblown PR drivel sucks!)...



Just in time for the 2011 Winter Season, Forum’s all-new Youngblood DoubleDog features early release 2012 technology. DoubleDog. Prepared fresh, this delicious new profile comes loaded with two great tastes in one. Camber sections located under each foot deliver power, pop, and edge grip for charging fast and going big. Rocker sections in the nose, tail, and between the feet maintain the board’s forgiving, playful feel. Add to the recipe a core that features softer sections underneath the feet, and poppy sections in the nose, tail and between the feet, for all day park laps.

For more on the Youngblood DoubleDog and this entirely new tech for 2012, go to www.forumsnowboards.com. For more team news visit our blog on www.forumsnowboarding.blogspot.com.