Let the pictures do the talking...

So here's the deal. Snowboard movie premieres are great. They are fun. You get to bro down and perv at ladies. You get to drink booze. You get to drink more booze. You talk to people some more. You perv some more. And then you realise the end credits are rolling, so then you order a couple more and hit the dancefloor. And if you're lucky you will get lucky.

So apologies if you were wanting a blow-by-blow of the film, that will come later. We actually saw it before the premiere and can report that Pat Moore has a killer opening part where he pretty much rules any kind of terrain - from downtown creativity, to monster booters (watch out for the front 9), to pow pow; there's heaps of innovative urban shred; John Jackson has some hammers despite getting injured; Stevie Bell kills the rails; Peter Line has his shred mojo back; and Jake Blauvelt has the closing part that is nothing short of in-frickin-sane. Some next-level natural tomfoolery. Well, guess that was a blow-by-blow of the film. Apologies for those who thought the blow-by-blow would come later.

Here is a photo essay of the evening, which began with a fine dinner courtesy of Forum, and ended with certain crew members getting lucky while others staggered to the street to find a cab. Long live snowboard premieres.