Forum dropped their interactive mind control experiment, Forum Famous, last week where you take control of the decisions of an up-and-coming pro and after the amusing first couple of episodes they've just dropped episode 3. Check in on www.forumfamous.com, click on the “Watch Now" button and find out how your story continues.

Previously on Famous – Join The Team The fast life of a drummer in a rock band takes an unexpected turn for the worst and ends in a dramatic finale. At the same time, your career in snowboarding could not start off better and it soon shows that you’re a real talent and could make it far. Only two years after taking your first turns, you impress the judges at your first contest and you get invited to join the Forum team for a shred session in Mayrhofen, Austria. Then it was up to you to prove your skills to the Forum Team Manager who decides whether got what it takes to join the team or not. Many hard decisions awaited you and you needed to chose wisely so your career doesn’t stop before it ever really started. The third episode takes you to The Hague where you have to compete at an internationally renowned rail battle.

Your Chance to Join The Forum Team

Take control and watch how the story continues on www.forumfamous.com. If you’re smart enough you have the amazing chance of winning a 1-year sponsorship with Forum Snowboards! Finish all six episodes successfully and complete the task that is given to you at the very end. But that’s not all: after every episode, you can win packages full of featured products from Forum, Special Blend, Foursquare, Anon, Red, Drunken Masters, Isen Seven and Rockstar Energy Drink.

To play, hit the “Watch Now" button and sign up on www.forumfamous.com. If you want to fully enjoy all features of the game and be entitled to win you need to sign up with your own Facebook Account. For more information visit us on www.forumfamous.com or join us on facebook.com/forumsnowboardseurope.