Folgefonna Glacier have been doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment; they've recieved an insane 6ft dump of snow which has pretty much shut down the resorts whilst they try to dig the lifts out.

Fonna is one of those places that always crops up, and has become synonymous with summer hot laps, ridiculous sunset shoots and kickers the size of small houses.

Hell, even the lift line is instantly recognisable with it's old school pipe shape - Pleasure Magazine even put it on their cover this season. It was even nominated for a 'Cover of the Month' award in Germany back in November. Unfortunately, it didn't win, but its cool to see snowboarding getting some love.

After a hiatus, the Mushroom Crew led by Emil Fossheim are building the park once again this season. Word has it that they're already farming snow for a big booter, and with an RK1 film toted to drop at some point, we're sure that Fonna will feature in that wee number.

In the meantime, Fonna are running an instagram comp called 'Feature of the Week'. Each week they're gonna build a feature, and its up to you to put down the heaviest trick on the feature, and then bang it onto instagram.

First up was the #ChallengeGap and Kim Arnesen took the win with a lofty backside rodeo that would make the Red Bull Double Pipe riders weak in the knees.

Congratulatulations @kimarnesen on winning round 1. of @fonnasnowpark 's feature of the week with a sick backrodeotransfer! Prices from: @friflytmag and @playboardmagazine. More info on the webpage. Lin in bio #challengegap #startheisen #vaffeldate

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We're hoping to make it out to Fonna this summer, so stay tuned for some updates. That's if there's actually a resort left after all the snow they've been having...

You can check out all the latest happenings at Fonna on their facebook page, instagram or the good old fashioned website.