Last week the FIS International German Half Pipe Championships went down in the indoor Snow Funpark in Wittenburg (GER) and, surprise, Germany’s Christophe Schmidt took to the highest step on the podium. Holland’s Dolf van der Wal and Britain’s Dom Harrington could not surpass Christophe’s amplitute and difficulty of tricks, which he pulled off with sheer perfection. The riders were stoked about the 120 meter long, 5 meter deep and 20 meter wide Half Pipe, which was in an immaculate shape. Look out for the indoor Snow Funpark in the future. This baby is definitely gonna become one of the rider factories having perfect conditions all day long into the night. Matrix shit in da house. Can’t wait until I hear about some half pipe or rail wizard coming from some little town in northern Germany, where there are not even hills! Its gonna be crazy. Conrgats to Schmitty and to the whole indoor Snow Funpark crew in Wittenburg.

Check out the Wittenburg Snow Fun Park guys' site.