When: 23.1.2010

Where: Nesselwang, Germany


A contest, a party, and a video competition: This should be enough to get the season take off in the German region of the Allägu. This weekend, the Quiksilver Wir Schanzen 2010 kicks off in Nesselwang. Here’s the straight dope from the creators:

On Saturday, 23 January 2010, the Quiksilver Wir Schanzen 2010 kicks off with the „5ive Barbeque“ in Nesselwang! The shapers from schneestern parks & more have been working hard over the last days to get the Alpspitzpark into shape. Beside the sports, the „Drunken Masters“ and rapper Bigeazie from Munich are going to fire the legendary BBQ-Afterparty up to the next level.

The set-up of the brandnew Alpspitzpark in Nesselwang boasts some new kickers and jib obstacles. Just in time for the 2 star TTR Slopestyle contest the kinked step-down box (7m), a bank (3m) and a six metre flat pipeline will guarantee freestyler´s delights. Down boxes and down rails (6m, 9m) belong to the standard set-up, while the jib barrel and up-gap pipeline make the jibbers’ hearts beat faster. No matter if it is the five metre butter kicker or the kicker with two take-offs of eight and twelve metres, there will be something for every riders’ level. Especially for “The 5ive Barbeque" a special surprise obstacle will be set up in the park: look forward to the Red Bull best trick obstacle!


Wir Schanzen DJ-team “Drunken Masters" break fresh ground

The “Alpspitzhalle" in Nesselwang is the perfect party location for the legendary BBQ-Afterparty. Starting off at 9.00 p.m, rapper Bigeazie from Munich will show off his skills to the party crowd. All dance addicts can look forward to a great performance of the “Drunken Masters." Big Joe and Slim-C will bring up their perfect mixture of Mash-Up Pop crossed with Electro Clash and not to forget fine Dancefloor.

All amateur movie makers, preferring to observe the action from behind the camera can load up their self-made „The 5ive Barbeque“ video to the REBEL.TV online video competition on www.rebel.tv-quiksilver-wirschanzen.de. The producers of the best clips will be rewarded with great prices and goodies.

All dates of the Quiksilver Wir Schanzen at a glance

23.01.2010 The 5ive Barbecue O´Neill Alpspitzpark (GER)

20.02.2010 The Jungle Fever Heubach/Thüringen (GER)

13.03.2010 Stubai Jam Moreboards Stubai Zoo (AUT)

27.03.2010 Happy Shred Quiksilver Crystal Ground (AUT)

17.04.2010 Quiksilver Wir Schanzen Finale Surprise Spot

Infos and registration on www.quiksilver-wirschanzen.de.