Four of the best German action sports athletes, a Hip-Hop duo and one of the most innovative Breakdance crews in the country – that’s the Fiat Freestyle Team Germany. All team members live the freestyle philosophy of independence, self-determination and pleasure in experimentation.

The Hip-Hop Division of the team consists of the Hamburg Breakdance crew Funk Fellaz and the internationally famous MC and freestyle rapper Spax and his DJ Kid Cut. These artistes are deeply rooted in German Hip-Hop culture and they have had a major impact on it for many years. The Action Sports Division in the Fiat Freestyle Team Germany is made up of Christophe Schmidt (snowboarding), Jürgen Horrwarth (skateboarding), Tobi Reindl (freeskiing) and Florian Jung (freestyle windsurfing).

This is probably the best-manned interdisciplinary action sports teams in Europe. Besides support for active people, support for events forms the second pillar of Fiat’s commitment to the freestyle scene. The Battle of the Year 2006, the world’s biggest Breakdance event, which will be held in Braunschweig on 21st October, marks the start.

Barely a month later Fiat will be inaugurating the start of the season for the European snowboard scene with the Pleasure Jam on the Dachstein, Austria. The Fiat Freestyle Team Germany will be present at both events. While the Hip-Hop Division will be getting well stuck in at the Battle of the Year, snowboarder Christophe Schmidt will be representing the Fiat Freestyle Team Germany both at the Pleasure Jam and at the Air & Style Games that will be held in the Munich Olympic Stadium on 2nd December.

Fiat and the Fiat Freestyle Team Germany are going to really start stirring up the freestyle scene right now with many more activities, events and partnerships.