Anyone who has the slightest amount of observational ability will have realised that all our prayers have been answered and the first snow has fallen. A lot of it at that, which will hopefully give a good base for the rest of the winter. Now it just needs to keep on dumping! As I write this preparations and construction for the O'Neill Fellhorn Park are underway. The Park will be ready for the season opening and will shine with cool new innovative features including:

2x 8-12m Rollers with new positioning of line 1x 6m high Corner NEW Stair Contruction featuring a 12m Double Kink Box and 12 m T Profile Elephant feature 12m Downrail 12m Doublekink Rail 9m Rainbowbox Butterbox Combo 2x 3m 9m+6m Downrail Wallride 3m Jibstick 9m Flatbox

The little ones are also gonna be served up with a brandnew kidspark with minikickers, boxes and tranny bumps to get a feel for the shred, and some day show you up.

In addition to that there will be a Grill-Chill-Sound Area at the Parkbase with a little hut, that was built especially to be used as a lounge by the shredders. Isn't that nice?

For morre info please check out the super styled out Fellhornpark website.