Up in the sky

Factor Films presents an European snowboard movie featuring some of the best-up-and-coming riders in the world such as Torstein Horgmo, Kareem El-Rafie, Eiki Helgason and more.

You can see these young guns hit up locations in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, States and more. The project is made bye the support of DC Shoes, Aloha Hemp, Rip Curl, Masterpiece, Atikin and Onboard Magazine.

RIDERS: Torstein Horgmo, Kareem El-Rafie, Eiki Helgason, Ståle Sandbech, Halldor Helgason, Jonny Aaseth, Håkon Tønnesen, Gulli Gudmundson, Torgeir Berre, Daniel Ek, Florent Marot, Torjus Thomassen, Mattias Nyberg, Jon Bjørkum, Andreas Gidlund, Vincent Pages, Håvard Hansgård and Hans Åhlund.