Days 3 and 4 have come and gone and Onboard are once more back in the office and away from the bad air and booze of the show.

But things for next winter were certainly looking good. Reverse camber is all the rage, outerwear has more attention to detail than ever and there's a couple of dope new brands injecting some freshness and irreverence at a time when many are dooming. So, although we have some fired-up aftershow party shots, we'll save them for later or the hard drive and instead bring you another sneak peek at some of the tasty morsels we saw at the show...

So, that wraps up our sneak peek at next season's gear. Make sure you make a note to head to your local shred shop or newsagent come mid/end July where you'll be able to pick up our 09/10 Product Guide where all the good goods will be in full technicolour for you to salivate over. Righto, time for detox.

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