On January 10, 2008 the first European Burton Progression Park will open in the resort of Nendaz, Switzerland. Featuring smaller obstacles, easy-to-read signage, and a laid-back environment, the park will be designed for riders who want to develop their terrain park skills.

Burton teamed up with Tele Nendaz and Nendaz Tourisme to create the perfect place for beginners to progress to the next level of freestyle snowboarding. Specifically trained coaches from the Neige Aventure School & Shop will be on site to provide riders with expert instruction on the basics of freestyle terrain. Smaller and less intimidating versions of parks features, including small tables, boxes, rails and spines give riders the chance to start small and gradually progress to the next level. Relaxed waiting areas, called Stop and Drop Zones, are strategically located before each terrain feature. Signage in each zone offers guidance with a “trick tip", a Smart Style message, and a picture of the feature. It is all designed to demonstrate how freestyle snowboarding is done best – with safety and with style.

“From the Burton Global Open Series and LTR centers to The Burton AM Tour and grassroots events Burton has always been at the forefront of progressing freestyle snowboarding. I am stoked to welcome Nendaz as our new Progression Park," says Jeff Boliba, Global Resort Director. “It shows how important it is for us on a global scale to help beginners break down their barriers and develop their own styles."

The people at Nendaz have been exceptionally forward-thinking in terms of freestyle snowboarding. Their resources at hand and their crew of highly-skilled instructors and shapers made them the best choice for the first Burton Progression Park in Europe. Prior to Nendaz, Burton successfully established five North American Burton Progression parks at Northstar-at-Tahoe and Sierra-at-Tahoe, California, Loon Mountain and Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, and Canada Olympic Park (COP) in Calgary, Canada.

The Burton Progression Parks are part of the Learn To Ride (LTR) program at Burton. Founded in 1998, LTR has taught thousands of people to ride at over 100 resorts worldwide. Burton Progression Parks take learning to ride to the next level and give new freestyle riders the perfect environment to step up their park skills.

Nendaz (1400m – 3330m) Nendaz is an attractive resort located at the centre of the region Valais, in Switzerland. The destination offers a wide range of skiing, snowboarding, freeriding and other snow activities. Nendaz has been awarded the "Families Welcome" label since 1997. Europe’s first Burton Progression Park suits perfectly the customers and the philosophy of Nendaz.