RBTS_Benny Urban und Felix Georgii_(c)Lorenz Holder Red Bull Content Pool

December 2014 will see the the premiere of a new snow park in Nesselwang, Allgäu: Red Bull The Station. The park's setup isn't only gonna be sick as hell but will also be voted for by the German snowboarding scene.

Skip the waffle and GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE HERE. You've got till midnight on Wednesday, 15 October 2014.

It took months of planning until the park designers, athletes, filmers and photographers finally developed the two different Park-Setups with unique features, but now they're finally up for voting. "Railway" and "Hood" were the inspiration themes for the new street obstacles.

Stairsets, Wallrides, Banks, Transitions and even a complete vehicle body offer countless possibilities to shred the park. Now it's up to the snowboarders to decide, which one is going to be built and introduced for the season beginning of the Alpspitzbahn.

The voting ends midnight on Wednesday 15th. Like, you know, between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Make sure you have your say on redbull.com/thestation.