The season has fully started and the setup in the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl just got its final fine-tune. In order to celebrate this occasion in the “freestyle diamond of the alps" appropriately, it was time for a very special park checkout shooting.

We don’t want to spoil too much yet, but let’s say there have been diverted signposts as well as snowboarders who have a rather flexible understanding of the usage of their bindings. ‘Pics or didn’t happen?’ Sure thing, there is a lot of evidence for you to check out: enjoy two sick edits and very entertaining photo galleries.

Rider: Mary Luggen Photo: Felix Pirke

Located 2000m above sea level, the freestyle playground offers an ideal training compound for creative riders. Boxes, rails, kickers and tubes guide you through a forested area. The height ensures perfect snow conditions and panoramic views. And once you are tired of riding the park, you can simply swing out and enjoy the powder. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But how can you truly find out whether the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl lives up to its promises?

Very simple: you set a horde of creative shredheads into the park to see what happens. All you need to add is a film crew, capturing the madness for the spectators at home – et voilà: the shredfest can start! This time, the crew, consisting of the snowboarders Fabian Fraidl, Mary Luggen and Raphi Stifter used the unreal bluebird conditions to have a great shooting session together with the QParks filmer Jonas Schürch and photographer Felix Pirker. “Talented riders and an almost clear sky – the shooting was just off the hook!", says happy Felix after the session. He is also the reason that snowboard girl Mary Luggen found her way to Obergurgl for the first time. “Felix is basically our local photographer when we go riding. And it’s also really cool, to finally ride again together with my shred buddy Fabi – we haven’t seen each other for quite some time.", the young Tyrolean tells us. She has been snowboarding for 8 years already, “but when you think about where I come from that’s actually pretty late to start", she adds with a smile on her face. That doesn’t stop her from testing the set-up for its limits, however. “Mary destroyed the park with her creative lines!", Fabian confirms.

Photo: Felix Pirker

If you want to see how the crew ripped the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl, you can watch the snowboard edit here, or just browse through the snowboard gallery. All other info and news about the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl can be found as usual on the park website or the facebook fanpage.


For all shred girls out there who also want to be part of a special shooting with a professional film- and photo-crew: On February 21st, 2015 it’s time for the Girls Shred Session in the quattro Snow Park Obergurgl. Collect cool goodies and impressive action shots, tune your style with the help of other girls and top off your day with a tasty BBQ. Check out all the info here!