For many years, the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden has been known as one of the most progressive freestyle playgrounds in the Alps: Located on 2.500 meters above sea level, you can find a staggering number of 39 obstacles here, spread across 6 different park areas and lines.

But the demands of the riders are constantly increasing, hence the team around park designer Stefan Morocutti is working hard to constantly push the level of the setup. Also this year, you can find a number of innovative jibs and jumps along the park lines, as you can see in the brand-new snowboard action edit.

Rider: Fabian Fraidl Photo: Felix Pirker

The night before the session, the shape crew, led by park designer Stefan Morocutti, has fine-tuned all the lines in the AREA 47 Snowpark Sölden meticulously for the occasion. Now that the morning sun has just risen and is shining over the Giggijoch, the shooting action can start. Let the show begin!

Today’s crew consists of the snowboarders Fabian Fraidl and Ötztal local Angelo Gastl. While snowpark chief Stefan Morocutti fills the riders in on the construction of the different lines, the QParks Media crew is setting up their own high-tech gear for the day. Needless to say that such a state-of-the-art snowpark also demands to be put on film with only the finest recording equipment. In charge of the footage today are the two filmers Dani Ausweger and Florian Albert, whose goal is to create stunning aerials and super-smooth follow-cam clips, that’s why they brought their octocopter and Freefly MōVI. The third man behind the lense is photographer Felix Pirker – everything’s set for a great session!

Rider: Fabian Fraidl Photo: Felix Pirker

In the beginning, the crew focuses on the massive triple kicker line with its 10-15 meters tables. The riders enjoy the perfectly timed kicker combo and leap off into the fresh mountain air. Following their every move, is the octocopter drone, floating like a UFO above the park area. “I have been working with the octocopter for 2 years now, but I’m still learning a lot. Controlling it demands absolute concentration and, especially if you film in such an environment, you always face new challenges. Because of the cold temperatures and the thin air, you can’t fly that long. Additionally, every sequence has to be perfectly planned and timed," octocopter pilot Dani Ausweger explains the specifics of the eight-legged drone.

Photo: Felix Pirker

After the lunch break, it’s time to hit the rails and jibs. The riders start their ripping game to get their portion of ‘shredisfaction’. Especially the GoPro special Obstacle and the Oakley “O" was under heavy fire. “The day went really well! We had great fun and were able to show our own style," a happy Angelo Gastl recounts the events of the day.

In the end, also the park designer himself, Stefan Morocutti, seemed very satisfied with the bluebird session: “As park designer, you put much work and energy into creating lines with good flow and great features. Sadly they are then often not used to their full potential. But today, everything was perfect – motivated riders, who gave their best until the very end!"

Rider: Fabian Fraidl Photo: Felix Pirker