Pirate Movie Productions are at it again, this time hitting the road with their newest full movie, featuring Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt, for a big ol' premiere tour. The teaser looks banging, stacked full of pow shots, slashes, booters and big lines. These two got it good.

The tour is getting started on the 11th December in Innsbruck and wrapping up in Berlin on the 19th, so make sure you follow your nose down to one of the premieres, it won't disappoint.

Check the full tour schedule below:


Pirate Movie Productions is hitting the screens with a new movie featuring Gigi Rüf and Elias Elhardt. Co-produced by Red Bull Media House, it follows these two European riders on their journey around the globe. The film is an action packed visual experience that features outstanding locations and extremely gnarly lines but also the ups and downs of every travel adventure.

"Follow Your Nose" will be premiered on December 11th in Innsbruck, where hundreds of snowboarders will be able to meet the riders, get free stuff from the sponsors and enjoy the film for free. It will also have a global online premiere on Red Bull TV.

The premiere will kick-off a tour that will take "Follow Your Nose" to eight major cities in Europe. Free cinema tickets will be distributed at the "meet and greet" event at the local Blue Tomato Shop in each city.