We're pleased to tell you that Petr Horak has joined the Horsefeathers Global Snowboard Team! A great addition to the family!

Coming straight out of the Czech Republic, the dude rips parks apart on a daily basis and now joins the Horsefeathers ranks alongside fellow shredders Eiki Helgason, Tyler Chorlton, Mans Hedberg, Antti Jussila, Michi Schatz, Nikolay Grinev, Steve Grumser, Clemens Bergmann and Marion Gouwy.

It's safe to say that the Horsefeathers crew is gathering some real momentum of late and we're really excited to see what they can do in the not so distant future. Petr has already embarked on his own web series (watch it right now) and will probably be surfing the white waves of Japan as you read this. Keep an eye out for the second episode, if he rips pow as hard as he does park jumps and rails, it'll be next level!

Here's what Horsefeathers had to say:

For every brand, it is important to support their domestic scene. Therefore, we are very happy that we can welcome to our Global snowboard team one of the best and most progressive Czech snowboarders Petr "Horis" Horak! His schedule for this season is crowded, so he is definitely worth to follow!!

Welcome to the family, buddy!

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